Saturday, February 6, 2016

Garage Door Maintenance
Garage door maintenance is essential to maintaining the longevity and functionality of your garage door. A little preventative TLC can prevent a big (and possibly expensive) fix down the road. There are tons of articles on  Angie's List Magazine where you can find some important tips about this.

Normally the garage door springs are the most common part to fail. Usually they are rated for about 10,000 or so cycles or so. Spring replace is an area to be careful with as it is usually the biggest scam artists seem to prey on unsuspecting homeowners. So it's important to find a trustworthy company. A good rule of thumb is to lubricate your door and it's components annually (or up to twice a year), can help keep everything in order. You can also schedule an inexpensive tune-up with a professional.

This is a very important subject when it comes to Garage door repair and Garage door openers. The Garage door is the biggest appliance in the home and often the most neglected. Just like your car it requires lubrication and maintenance periodically to increase the longevity of both the door and operator. Another area of concern to pay attention to is the balance of the door, improper balance of the door leads to a cascading failure of everything else involved in the system including panel fatigue, hinge failure, roller failure, gear and trolley failure, circuit board failure.

This shows the importance of periodic lubrication and service every couple of years by a reputable company. You the home owner can check the balance of your garage door by closing the door (if the door has a motor then close the door with the motor and then release the door from the motor using the red manual release cord). Now open and close the door manually the door should open and close easily with little or no effort. If you have to force the door to open or close at any point in the cycle then you already know it is in need of adjustment, open the door half way and let go...if the door stays and was easy to open and close then the door is balanced if the door is heavy and closes when you let go then it is out of balanced and requires service by a reputable company.

All Garage doors regardless of the manufacture and with exception to the spring life are designed to last at least twenty years or longer but as stated in the owners manual only with periodic maintenance. (of course this is often not supplied with the new home and never with a used home). Your spring/s if they have not been changed since the home was built and was equipped with standard 10,000 cycle springs are going to be the next major expense you will be experiencing on your garage door and it is recommended that you have it/them changed before it breaks. Any good company will include a complete door service with the spring change.

To be fair your door may have some minor differences that can cange the cost slightly. Avoid the companies that give you a huge variance in cost, avoid giving you an accurate quote, Try to sell you a lifetime warranty. The lifetime warranty is designed to get a large cost up front usually five to seven hundred dollars for the initial repairs and will require service to be done annually at full price usually Ninty to One hundred and twenty dollars annually. This will add up to another Seven to One thousand dollars over the life of the spring for a total of Fourteen to Seventeen hundred dollars. you could have replaced your entire door twice for that cost.

Your garage door opener also requires periodic service, most common opener products have a open gear set and need to be re lubricated every couple of years to prevent gear failure. Word of advise when it comes to getting the spring/s changed, call at least Three different companies ask for phone quotes based on the width, height and compositon of the door and the type of springs like extension or torsion, for example a 16 x 7 steel door with no insulation and a torsion spring is very common. A reputable honest company will give you an accurate quote based on this information. Also read the reviews and look for complaints for the company you are leaning torwards using for reliability.

Naperville Garage Door Pro

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Naperville Garage Door Opener Repair - 24 Hour Emergency Garage Door Spring Repair

The garage door is the most prominent and largest entry way into your home. It can be a focal point of good aesthetics as well sheer practicality. It is the main access entry and exit point for the family in most homes in America. In the U.S. most homes use a vertically opening automatic aluminum sectional aluminum garage door. 

The higher priced homes you can see taking advantage of automatic wood doors that open horizontally or vertically. The wood doors normally display some type of finish that really make these doors something good to look at. The aluminum doors aren't very aesthetically pleasing but they will get the job done. 

garage door repair naperville

When an aluminum door needs servicing due to a breakdown of the equipment, the repairs are usually completed very quickly. With the higher end wood doors sometimes your repair times could span over many days.

garage door repair naperville
No matter the type of door you have it is important to periodically have it checked anytime you notice or hear something out of the ordinary. A garage door technician should be able to troubleshoot and repair any problems with any type of garage door. It is important to have knowledge of your door manufacturer and the type of opener that your garage is utilizing. The types of garage door openers are: chain drive, belt drive, jackshaft, screw drive, and direct drive openers. Usually all of the doors utilizes a garage door torsion spring of some type. The springs counterbalances the weight of the door along with tension that is held by cables in some doors. The springs and cables used in garage doors usually have a life of about 10000 or more cycles (opens and closes) before replacement is needed. Have you been counting? I doubt it. Another component of the garage door is the infrared eye. These electronics emits a beam that communicates with the "head unit" - usually attached to your garage ceiling or wall- these beams indicate if the garage is safe to close and their is nothing that is impeding the way for the garage door to close.  If there is the door will automatically retract and open up. If these "eye" are knocked off of alignment with each other your garage door won't close.
Garage Door Repair is one of those unexpected things that come up in the home that is a real nuisance if it isn't repaired right away, because it can really impede on the flow and rhythm of your life.